About Us

Owners of HTown Happy Hour

The Company: 
HTOWN HAPPY HOUR is everything happening around Houston. Established on June 1st, 2014, the nature of our business is to provide the number one resource of entertainment to consumers in Houston and the surrounding area. We are in the business of entertainment, events, merchandise, marketing, media, and more.

Mission Statement:
To establish an online environment where absolute public satisfaction is our highest priority in delivering Houston’s entertainment information.

The Vision:
The vision we brought to life was building a one-stop shop for everything going on in Houston and it’s surrounding cities; Culture, events, humor, marketing, and more! We have created a community anyone can become a part of and discover the specific style of enjoyment they are looking for.

Business Marketing/Promotions:
Our digital presence is your business’s best friend. With our developed mass community, we offer specialized packages to events, venues, restaurants, and other clients with exclusive marketing to help them stay ahead of the curve. We are the newest, and most innovative way to help you reach your target consumer. We do events, marketing, web development, photography, and so much more. We can help broaden your company’s horizon and appearance with our online resources.