What Non-Texans Think About Texas in Their Own Words

What Non-Texans Think About Texas in Their Own Words

Texas has some mighty big shoes to fill when it comes to its reputation. From the looming cowboy culture to its literal size as the second largest state in the United States, Texas doesn’t mess around with its image. The real question is how is that image perceived?

Well, Redditor “EnvyMyPancakes” took to /r/AskReddit over a year ago to ask one simple question: “Redditors who don’t live in the USA, what does everyone think of Texas?”

The responses were varied, but considering it got over 1,900 comments, we narrowed down a few of the best here just so Texans can see how everyone not from Texas seems them.

Editor’s note: all responses are taken from an AskReddit thread, found here

“All my exes live there.”

“TheBagelJew” put it simple, short, and sweet. I’m not one to try and pick a favorite George Strait song, but this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to a Texas-sized reputation.

“From UK, Have visited. S*** was large. Would go back. The end.”

“Bogof_Offer” offered four lines that went straight to the point. It also makes sense that Texas is almost three times the size of the United Kingdom so yes, very large.

“I live in Alberta and we deal with Texans a lot because of their crude oil. Texans are my favorite people. They’re very polite and courteous and they like a stiff drink.”

Thanks, unnamed Redditor! Hell yeah, we like a stiff drink.

“Texas means Dallas cheerleaders!” 

This is arguably one of the more common associations, up there with cowboys and beer. Thanks “fun_two!”


“Basically America, but turned up to eleven.”

“Arancayter” really hit the nail on the head with that one. There’s no Americana pride like Texas Americana pride.

“Guns, heat and cows.”

Finally “ribairral” brings up the weather here. Most days we sweat more than sinners in church.

“Walker Texas Ranger.”

While Chuck Norris is actually from Oklahoma, this is probably a pretty common stereotype so “flowerbright” gets it. Also because Texas is in the name.

“Texas is to America as America is to the rest of the world.”

Now this is one mathematical problem from an unnamed Redditor that I can get behind, how about you?

“From the UK. I’m a big American Football fan, and I’ve watched Friday Night Lights many times, so Texas sounds kind of awesome.”

Somebody buy “Rosetti” a first-class ticket straight into any Texan airport. He deserves his weight in brisket for this comment.

“A Texan with a Bowie knife killed Dracula. Will a Texan ever take down a member of the Kim family?”

From the aptly-named “MurderIsRelevant”, this seems like a good question. Do they mean the Kardashians or the North Koreans?

“Y’all got cool boots ‘n hats, eat 3-pound steaks every day I reckon.”

One Redditor hit the cowboy culture right on the money. Maybe even the 3-pound steak part from “s-mores” is true.

“I think a lot of people confuse the Texan accent for Sam Elliot’s voice.”

The truth straight from “Th_Ghost_of_Bob_ross,” in one perfect sentence. While Elliot is the Marlboro Man forever, he’s not quite the picture of a Texan accent.

“Sounds like my kinda place. Guns, dip, country music, and girls in boots.”

The thing is that “CButlers” isn’t actually wrong about this, though.

“I met an American guy in the UK. He told me he was Texan, not American.”

“Rastryth” seems to remember this interaction very vividly.

“It’s the best country in the entire USA.”

Whether “probablynotcarrying” believes it or not, Texas really is the best damn country in the USA.

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