The Mouthwatering Ice Cream Trail In Texas Is All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of And More

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The Mouthwatering Ice Cream Trail In Texas Is All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of And More

Calling all ice cream fanatics! Summer is just around the corner, and nothing tastes better on a hot Texas day than a cold, refreshing ice cream cone. This is a mini road trip that takes you to some of the very best ice cream shops in the state, some specializing in classics like chocolate and vanilla and others serving up grandiose sundaes with every mix-in and topping imaginable.

The Google Map with exact directions and addresses can be found here. Bon appetit!

1. Lick (San Antonio)

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Lick uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to create some of the freshest, most delicious ice cream you'll ever taste. Stick to a favorite classic like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, or branch out and try one of their more unusual flavors like roasted beet with fresh mint, cilantro lime, or dark chocolate with olive oil and sea salt. They also offer dairy-free options for vegans and those with a lactose intolerance. The San Antonio address is 312 Pearl Pkwy #2101, San Antonio, TX 78215, but Lick also has two locations in Austin.

2. Amy's Ice Creams (San Antonio)

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With seven regular flavors and seven rotating flavors from a list of hundreds, Amy's offers a wide enough selection without being too overwhelming. Their flavors range from the normal chocolate and vanilla to the interesting-but-still normal like coconut with walnuts and biscoff cookies to the downright weird like bacon jalapeno popper. To top it all off, the workers put on a show for their guests by throwing ice cream behind their backs or tossing scoops to coworkers who then catch them in a cup or cone before serving it to you. In addition to ice cream, Amy's offers ice cream cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and smoothies. I know your mouth is watering already, so head over to 255 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209 to experience it for yourself.

3. Cow Tipping Creamery (Austin)

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This wildly popular ice cream truck now has a brick-and-mortar location that serves the same over-the-top sundaes they're known for. With add-ins like huge chunks of brownies and cookie dough, a wide variety of cereals, peanut butter and fudge sauces, and basically everything else under the sun, you'll have trouble stopping when you're done with your cup.

4. Spun (Austin)

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This little shop is run by two sisters with a passion for ice cream - and not just any ice cream. Theirs is hand-spun with liquid nitrogen, making for a texture unlike anything you've ever tasted. The flavor options are numerous and toppings some of the most unique around, including Earl Grey confetti and brown butter powder (YUM.) The address is 1912 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702.


5. Teo Espresso, Gelato, and Bella Vita (Austin)

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Teo won the crowd's choice at the Gelato World Tour, so you're definitely in for a treat. They even use Texas-grown peaches and strawberries in their gelato! Try the nutella and peanut butter if you're in the mood for decadence, or go with the goat cheese and cherry for a lighter, more refreshing treat. It's located at 1206 W 38th St, Austin, TX 78705.

6. Cloud 10 Creamery (Houston)

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Cloud 10 has unique flavors down to a science. From dulce de leche chamomile to brown butter sweet potato, they've mastered combinations that pair perfectly. They also offer gourmet banana splits with all the toppings imaginable, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, and more. Stop by sometime at 5216 Morningside Dr, Houston, TX 77005.

7. Fat Cat Creamery (Houston)

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Rated one of the best ice cream shops in Houston, Fat Cat Creamery boasts some truly out-of-this-world flavors. From Boozy Eggnog to Figgy Pudding to Milk Chocolate Stout with Candied Bacon, the options are innovative and use local and fresh ingredients. Their main parlor is located at 1901 N. Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008.

7. Magnolia's Ice Cream & More (Houston)

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Magnolia's is known for its crazy concoctions piled to the brim with candy, fresh fruit, and a sweet nectar called chamoy. The address is 6421 Brady St, Houston, TX 77011.

8. Hank's Ice Cream (Houston)

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Hank's is a blast from the past for sure, hand-churning their own ice cream with fresh ingredients. They have 18 flavors daily that rotate from a list of over 100. The crowd favorite seems to be banana pudding - I mean, it doesn't get much better than Nilla wafers in your ice cream. Hank's is located at 9291 Main St, Houston, TX 77025.

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