The Lone Star State’s first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open in December

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The Lone Star State’s first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open in December

Texans suffering from epilepsy may soon be able to find relief in the form of cannabidiol oil (CBD) made from compounds of local cannabis plants.

Knox Medical is the first dispensary to be licensed by the state of Texas, and, according to reports, will be opening in Schulenburg this December, joining its other two locations in Florida and Puerto Rico, repsectively.

According to a report by Texas Public Radio, there are over 150,000 people potentially able to utilize this treatment.

Authorizing forms of the drug, legislation known as the Compassionate Use Act allows patients under doctors’ supervision to use CBD oil to treat their epilepsy after the condition fails to respond to other drugs.

Patients report improvements in their symptoms and conditions after using the oil, which possesses a high concentration of CBD and a low concentration of the psychoactive THC – the reason for the drug’s current Schedule I categorization.

CBD oil can be inhaled through a vaporizer of taken under the tongue.

Knox Medical reportedly chose Schulenburg as its home base because “it’s right near the triangle of Houston, San Antonio and Austin,” owner Jose Hidalgo said in an interview.

Some residents of the 2,800-person Texas town said they were wary of a dispensary blowing through their borders, but others said they were open to the idea.

“I don’t believe in essence of smoking ‘weed,’ and driving and doing stuff like that,” Roy Smrkovski, a local business owner, said in an interview.  “It is for medicinal purposes, why suffer? Why go through life and suffer?”

His said his wife suffers from a chronic condition, and he would in favor legalizing medical marijuana for more than epilepsy treatment.


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  • Reyes Pompa Rubio Jr

    I would love to work for your company knowing that I’m helping other people

  • Reyes Pompa Rubio Jr

    I suffer with an arthritis the doctors aren’t sure what it is but I chose not to take their medications anymore cuz I was tired of getting my kidneys and liver checked every 3 months cuz the medications they were giving me they are very very bad for you so I sit here doing my research on medical marijuana and I’ve seen how it’s helped so many people

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    I would love to come work on your farm and help. If your in need of employees please let me know thats always been my dream job.

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