Pearland is Allegedly Home to the Worst Drivers in all of Texas

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Pearland is Allegedly Home to the Worst Drivers in all of Texas

An insurance website is warning Pearland residents to watch out, after it used several criteria to label the suburb's drivers the worst in Texas. looked at DUI rates, speeding tickets, accident rates and other citations to determine where people practice safe driving and where they don't. The study only sampled data from users of the QuoteWizard site. 

The site reports that Pearland is No. 1 in accidents for the state and second in DUI rates. 

Pearland is also allegedly second in citations, but hits the middle of the list when it comes to speeding citations. 

Houston, at No. 11 on the list, is apparently safer than Dallas, which had the ninth worst drivers overall, QuoteWizard reports. 

Dallas drivers get more speeding tickets than Houstonians, the site says. Does that mean they drive faster, or do they just get caught more often? 

(Full Ranking List Below)

Quote Wizard Ranking for Worst Drivers:

No. 1: Pearland 
No. 2:
No. 3: Plano 
No. 4: Round Rock 
No. 5: Austin
No. 6: Killeen 
No. 7: San Antonio
No. 8: Arlington 
No. 9: Dallas
No. 10: Odessa
No. 11: Houston 
No. 12: Tyler
No. 13: Frisco 
No. 14: Waco
No. 15: El Paso
No. 16: Corpus Christ
No. 17: Fort Worth
No. 18: Lubbock 
No. 19: Abilene
No. 20: Amarillo

Via Dana Guthrie, / Houston Chronicle