10 Tricked-Out BBQ Smokers Made in Texas

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10 Tricked-Out BBQ Smokers Made in Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, which is especially true when it comes to barbecue smokers. At tailgates and parties around the state, you’ll find unique bbq smokers — some may require a semi to pull. Here are 10 of our favorites.

10. The Outdoorsman

A camouflage lover’s dreams, this custom smoker from East Texas Smoker Company weighs in at a whopping 3,500 pounds and comes with custom camo paint. It not only features a smoker, but also a warming box, a stainless steel work station, a hot water heater, and custom cutting boards.

9. Jokers -N-Smokers

This custom trailer was made for the Jokers-N-Smokers cooking team and was showcased on the Travel Channel Show, the Grill of Victory. The rig transforms into a DJ Station at night complete with programmable lighting, spots, fog machine and lasers.

8. Taking Team Spirit to a New Level

Triple G Group raffled off this 1st Edition Aggie Tailgating Trailer Smoker to a lucky Aggie fan. The company is a supporter of Texas A&M, and are an official license holder for Texas A&M products.

7. Creative On All Levels

Custom pit masters utilize their creative powers on corporate clients too. Pitt’s and Spitt’s worked up this custom smoker for Napa Auto Parts.

6. Burning Desire

This “Burning Desire” custom smoker lets the flames roll when fired up. The company is based out of Tyler.


5. Gator Pit BBQ Smokers and Grills

Houston’s Gator Pit has created one-of-a-kind smokers for numerous clients. They fired up the Gator Pit Space Shuttle, pictured above, on the Discovery Channel show King of the Grill.

4. Pistol BBQ Grill

In true Texas style, Spook and J.W. Holtman, of Lubbock, fashioned this 19-foot-long BBQ grill in the shape of a revolver. As they put it: “Heck, it’s Texas, what did you expect?” The grill includes a 36-by-60-inch primary grill, with two doors and a 12-by-36-inch secondary grill.

3. El Toro Bravo Smoker

This bull-shaped smoker features a unique design that implements forced air induction, off-setting the flaws of the firebox design. Aside from the practical elements, the designer added some fun features. For example, you can blow smoke rings out of the bull’s nostrils by pumping the tail a few times. There’s also a smaller version in the shape of a wild boar.

2. A Truly One-of-a-Kind Smoker

Houston-based Pitmaker took on the task of making this bbq smoker for Bridger Logistics and Vantage Trailers. The smoker is modeled after an oil trailer. Check out the video above for more details.

1. World’s Largest BBQ Smoker

Last, but certainly not least, is the “world’s largest BBQ smoker”. It was listed for $350,000 on Ebay earlier this year and sold. The massive smoker can cook up to four tons of meat at once. It weighs 40 tons and stretches 75 feet long. The smoker is so huge that law enforcement officials have required special permits and as escorts to move it.

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